Herbtacular Games was set up back in June 2012 by myself, Jonathan Herbst. Mainly to create an alias to develop games under but also to give myself a chance to come up with a studio name which I can use in the future if these developments actually go somewhere.


The nature of the studio is to create retro-style games for Linux and Windows. Personally, as a massive fan of the retro game "genre" as well as the graphical styles, I want to try and make these styles of games to help keep making additions to the retro scene.

Being quite a random person myself, I want this to show through in the games that are developed and have some real personal input like weird but hopefully wonderful traits. That is what will hopefully be unique about the studio. Something a bit strange. Crazy tracks and sound effects as well. It makes it a bit more memorable in a way if you think about it. If you play a game or a section of a game that you haven't really played before, then it will be more likely to be memorable, providing that all other aspects of the game have a sound foundation as well. Reactions like "Whaaaaaaaa?" and "What the hell" I think would be a job well done on my part.


Company aims? Well, there are a few which it would be favourable to accomplish. I want to try and be innovative - create aspects of games that are crazy and haven't been seen before or aren't very common at all. I want to try and build a userbase and fanbase which allows me to reach to a larger group of people to tell them about up and coming developments and new games that will be released in the near future. I want to create a multitude of games from not just one genre, but a multitude of genres and styles. Most of all though, it would be nice to create just one game that gets some sort of recognition or popularity. While I know that either may not come at all or may take a long while, it is still one of the major goals of the studio. I shall continue to create games for a long time yet, that's for sure.


With regards to game platforms, the iOS platform was initially chosen for development of the first few games due to a variety of reasons. However, we will branch to Linux and Windows (Steam) next and then see how it goes from there. If we have relatively good success on there, we may stick at it for a while.