15 June 2012

WEEK THREE - Carrying on with UML and starting design of characters

Tags: update

Another slow week for myself - I'm starting to get annoyed with how slow my progress has been over the last couple of weeks but I'm planning to have most, if not all of my design diagrams finished by the Monday after next so I can do a lengthy update video going through these diagrams.

Once I've started to get past all of the diagrams, I can hopefully get well underway with the character design and also the level design. Once I have started to design them, I can finally get closer to starting the GUI design which will finally lead in to some implementation soon-ish!

Again, I apologise for the lack of progress - it gets frustrating at times if you make slow progress and this can even hinder your progress even more so I'm to take a couple of days out and chill and focus next week.


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