22 June 2012

WEEK FOUR - Getting there with the design!

Tags: update

Hey guys. This week has actually been fairly productive. I've got most of my UML design diagrams done, bar the sequence diagrams and also the class diagram. Hopefully, I'll have both sets done by Monday's VLOG. That shouldn't take too much time for me to finish those.

On a side note, it's great to finally get up and running again with the design and getting back in the flow of things. I'm really looking forward to starting designing the characters and what moves they have as well as coming up with some ideas of stages to play on. This design stage is the most enjoyable but arguably, the most difficult because massive decisions are having to be made at an early stage. Obviously, changes can be made along the way but it's good to set out on the right foot, I feel. Getting a good solid design allows for the easier building upon of this and should hopefully help me in the long run.

Next week will most likely consist of designing the characters and stages for the game as well as starting to design the GUI - the most important part, I feel. It's all about the first impressions.

On another side note, I got my degree results back today - bagged myself a 2:1 so was pretty pleased since my second year really did not go well. Just shows, a bit of determination and dedication can work wonders sometimes. Let's hope I can apply that to Bit Battle's development!

Much love,


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