14 August 2020

2020 - Now and beyond

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First post in almost 8 years, it's been a rather long time. You could consider this a revival but more a hope that we can get the wheel turning once again with new and exciting projects to fill the time rather than wasting the time away with no direction. While it's good to do nothing now and again, usually once a week, it's very easy to do nothing like I have for months which then turns into years. Time for that to change.

More updates will be posted in the coming weeks and months regarding the current project but it's one that I had started back in 2012/13 - Bit Battle. The 2D brawler in the style of Super Smash Bros that will be changing slightly in terms of gameplay and genre but still keeping those original characters and style. It'll be turning into a turn-based strategy in a one vs one format, with three characters on each team - a similar light to that of the Marvel vs Capcom series.

Anyway, you can consider this a "Hi, we're back" and long may it continue. With something to show for it by the end of the year as well!

We remain, HG

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