22 July 2012

WEEK EIGHT-ISH - Up to speed mid to late next week

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Good news everyone! Well, not really but just wanted to get in a quote from futurama instead. I haven't been able to really do work of any sort this week due to the fact that I haven't had access to my Mac since Wednesday. I had my graduation on Thursday, driving experience on Friday morning then went straight off to Norfolk here for a few days - probably until Wednesday. It's been pretty stacked this second half of the week! I've finally had a bit of time to write this quick blog post though so all is still good.

So, the plans for the next couple of weeks when I get back: finish off all the Objective-C tutorials that I need to do and make a start on the game itself. Designing more of the game assets will have to be put on hold while I get the basics classes set up and then I will be going back to a bit of design at some point. I know the order is going to be shuffled around but my approach is based on a lot of customisation with regards to the order that I do specific things but the main structure will still be the same, regardless of what happens.

So far, I think everything is going OKAY. Not great but not terrible at the same time. I had hoped to have more done by this point but it isn't going to shabbily. I'm also hoping to reduce the timeframe of this project since I feel that it may be possible to take off about a month, so it may be possible that the release date will be the 1st November instead of my projected 1st December. This is partly due to the fact that I think it will be a better idea to release the game with all the main functionality that I wanted and then keep the rest back for updates. The other part is that I feel that I can turn around this game a lot quicker than I first anticipated. I seem to have a renowned confidence in both the language and myself to push and get this game programmed a lot quicker. We'll see how those claims turn out though.

Sorry again for the lack of progress and the next time we speak, there may or may not be much more work done.

Yours truly,


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